Megapari Privacy Policy

When registering an account, Megapari company users automatically agree with the rules and provisions of this privacy policy. It has been developed specifically to inform players about the purposes, principles of collecting and storing, as well as the use of personal data of our clients by our company. By creating an account, you accept all of these rules and confirm that you have read them.

Under the personal data of the player should be understood any information that characterizes him as a unique user. For example, the most important personal data are the first and last name, year of birth, and country of residence of the person.

Mega Pari has its own Privacy Policy.

Basic Information about Megapari

Megapari collects personal information and uses it only to improve the quality of services provided to customers and to guarantee their safety and the safety of their account balance. We begin collecting data at the moment a user enters the official website for the first time and continues to do so whenever a player interacts with our projects.

The first data comes to our attention when the customer visits the site. The device from which the login is made automatically sends us information about the smartphone or PC model, operating system, country of login, IP address, etc.

Among the main purposes of collecting personal information about users are:

  • Service Improvement. We improve the quality of service by developing more attractive personalized offers and effective marketing strategies;
  • Increased security. With the user’s personal information, we can quickly resolve disputes and ensure the safety of the account from fraudulent attacks;
  • Compliance with legal regulations. As a licensed betting company, Megapari is required to comply with regulations approved in India and other jurisdictions. In particular, we must take anti-fraud measures and discourage money laundering, and our collection of customer information helps us to do this.

At the same time, this privacy policy excludes the possibility of using the users’ personal information for transferring it to third parties without any reason. The exception is situations when this data is required by law enforcement authorities. We may also use your name in promotional or news articles if you win big money.

In the event that you want to stop the transfer of personal data, you can send a request to this effect to the email account of the support service. The rejection will be reviewed within a few business days.

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