Megapari Affiliate Program Review 2024

The Megapari affiliate program is a thank you for appreciating our services and being willing to share such recommendations with people close to you. In doing so, you are guaranteed big payouts. Becoming a member of the affiliate program is quite easy. Nevertheless, you should understand that becoming an affiliate gives you a number of obligations that need to be fulfilled. Such gifts will greatly improve your gambling activity, giving you a lot of positive emotions and money as well!

Learn how to join the Megapari affiliate program and increase your profit.

Megapari Affiliate Program: Main Information

The idea of creating an affiliate program and presenting it to users has been alive for a long time. It came to fruition at Megapari just a few years ago, around 2020. As part of the partnership program, it is important to note that the company is registered in Seychelles under number 233193. By attracting a lot of people to your user base, you can safely guarantee them security and peace of mind with the actions you perform. Our Autonomous Island of Anjouan license extends its scope of legitimacy to include the affiliate program as well. What is meant by this definition? It is a collaboration of sorts between the company and the players in order to attract a new audience and be thanked for it in the form of financial compensation. Any player who is familiar with our functionality and the features of the website and app can participate. All you have to do is register in the special section, after which you will start earning even more.

Find out all the details about the Megapari affiliate program.

How Does Megapari Affiliate Program Work?

If you are curious as to how an affiliate program is organised and what special features it has, we would be happy to tell you about it. In fact, it is a peculiar combination of actions that define literally the whole procedure. These include:

  1. Opening a special section on the Megapari website.
  2. Registering as a Megapari partner, including familiarising yourself with all the terms and conditions.
  3. Attracting new users through the Megapari promo code you receive after registration.
  4. Receiving a percentage for each person brought in, for their gaming activity within the site or app.
  5. Withdrawal of received funds.

As you can see, everything is as simple as possible. The main purpose of this procedure is to expand your user base while thanking those who participated directly. Also, note that in the special program, all these actions also work. Simply Megapari affiliate app download and start to make money!

It is very easy to take part in a special affiliate program from Megapari.

Why Should You Choose Megapari?

You may be wondering why you should choose us. And it’s not just about the functionality, but also about the partner program. In fact, there could be a huge number of reasons. And, of course, each user can highlight them and the other positive aspects of the use of all the features. At the very least, you should choose Megapari and its affiliate program because:

  • A simple procedure for registering an account and then joining the ranks of the affiliate program;
  • Maximum interest rates;
  • Fastest payouts;
  • Quality interest calculation, as well as control over you and your “team”;
  • Over 100 payment methods;
  • Supports 65 world languages;
  • Works in Megapari affiliate apps;
  • High conversion rate;
  • Promotional materials and Megapari bonus programs are available to absolutely every player;
  • Personalised workspace with a dashboard containing all the information you need;
  • Virtually all features work are updated and display information in real time;
  • A personal assistant is available to every member of the affiliate program to help with literally any issues;
  • Each member will be able to receive advice on marketing strategy.

The Megapari affiliate program has very favorable conditions for users.

How to Register in the Megapari Affiliate Program?

If at this stage you have decided to join the Megapari affiliate program, there are a number of steps you will need to take. The instructions are actually simple. And if you have any questions, don’t forget that Megapari customer support and professional help are available to you. The list of actions includes:

  1. Open the official website to make the whole procedure more comfortable.
  2. Scroll down to the start page where you’ll find links and links to sections with technical information and individual functionalities.
  3. Select “Affiliate Program”.
  4. You will be taken to the page dedicated directly to our program mentioned above. At the top of the screen, there are two buttons, one of which is responsible for registration.
  5. Click on it.
  6. In the window that opens, enter the data requested by the platform: Login, Password, Password Repeat, Additional Information including Website, Website Category, Preferred Language, Recommendation, as well as your first and last name, email, country of operation, phone number, preferred payment method and wallet number where you will receive the money.
  7. Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the affiliate program policy.
  8. Confirm actions.

After this, the page will refresh. You may then be required to verify your profile by following a series of instructions sent to your email address. Creating a page in the affiliate program also works through the Megapari partner app.

The registration process in the Megapari affiliate program will not take much time.

How Much Can You Earn with the Megapari Affiliate Program?

As far as the size of the payout and the money you earn, we will point out that it is entirely up to you. How does this translate into? We are careful to calculate interest and keep statistics on your performance. The total amount you earn will depend on the number of affiliates you bring in, the percentages you earn, and their gaming activity. After all, you will be credited according to their spending. The table with the interest is as follows:

Number of people invitedPercentage of payout
70 and more50%

In your Partner Area, you can always keep track of the number of players you have brought in, check their activity and roughly estimate the amounts available for earnings.

Megapari Contacts for Affiliates

Customer service and communication with us are your guarantee of trouble-free operation and play. To ensure you can always count on our help, we offer a number of ways for you to get in touch with us. Each of these is a valid one, with an expert on the other side. The Megapari contact options are as follows:

You can contact here both for questions and to make suggestions for improving the quality of the service provided.

Megapari Payments Methods for Partners

The partner program is directly linked to making payments. It also makes sense, before you join, to know in advance which withdrawal methods are available and which of them are the most comfortable for you. We only work with trusted companies that we trust ourselves. You will find a list of ways to withdraw money quickly and efficiently here:

  • Bank transfers;
  • Player account.

The explanation is as follows – you are faced with two options for dealing with the withdrawal problem. You can do it directly to your bank card. Alternatively, you can transfer the money to your personal gambling account, from where you can later withdraw it to the real world using other methods, or you can use it for betting and casino.

Receive and withdraw funds received from the affiliate program Megapari.


What payment methods are available to Megapari Partners?

At the moment Megapari allows you to withdraw money from your personal account in the affiliate program in two ways: a bank transfer to your card or an internal transfer between sections to your game account, from where the user can also receive his money later on.

How many times can I withdraw my profit from my affiliate account?

When you join an affiliate program, you should understand that we will support you for as long as you choose to leave. Therefore, the number of withdrawals is not set, as your partner status can be either long or short.

How can I find out if new players are registered through my source?

After registering in the affiliate program you get access to your personal account. It has a so-called personalized workspace, where you can keep track of how many people and exactly who has joined your team through your referral link.

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